Wednesday, May 18, 2011

[GET]Ryan Lee - Continuity King 2.0 $1997 Course *EXCLUSIVE*

"How to Build a Profit-Generating Continuity Site That Will Pay You Month after Month after Month"

With No List . No Contacts . No Product . No JVs . No PPC .

100% From Scratch

Many of the most aggressive marketers, who often push the envelope with their marketing tactics, are either being shut down or sitting out on the sidelines while the dust settles so it's the perfect time for you to create a continuity income program.

The "New" Bullet-Proof Continuity Income Model

I didn't want to create a model that only works if you already have a list of 50,000 people. Or if you have a rolodex of the big players in your niche.

Easy to Build - you must be able to create the site with zero technical skills. Basically, if you can type, you should be able to create a site.
Speed - the site should take no more than 24 hours of work to create
Low Hassle - you must be able to run the site without a staff (and just outsource if necessary)
Automated - the site must run 100% on it's own without constant manual updates. It should take you less than 1 hour a month to update.
Toll Booth Status - it must position you in a niche market as THE go-to expert.
Turn-Key - the site must be completely turn-key so you can easily sell it for the highest profit when you are ready to exit.
Duplicatable - must be easy to create new sites over and over again for maximum income.

Build a Fully Functioning Continuity Income Site With Me... LIVE!!!

Download: Lee - Continuity King 2.0.part01.rar Lee - Continuity King 2.0.part02.rar Lee - Continuity King 2.0.part03.rar Lee - Continuity King 2.0.part04.rar Lee - Continuity King 2.0.part05.rar Lee - Continuity King 2.0.part06.rar Lee - Continuity King 2.0.part07.rar Lee - Continuity King 2.0.part08.rar

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