Sunday, May 22, 2011

Facebook Blaster v7.20(latest) + Serial Code


1.Auto Mass Friend Requests

2.Auto Mass Friend Messages

3.Auto Mass Friend Wall Poster

4.Auto Mass Friend Poker

5.Auto Mass Amber Alerts

6.Auto Mass Captcha Bypass


The friendblasterpro software loads and shows Facebook copm (just like on your browser). You do a normal search or go to a friends page. Click on "gather id" & the friend adder collects all the information it needs – if you have done a search and have multiple pages of results the adder can collect all these "friends". Then you simply click a button and it starts sending requests.

It lets you set how many requests to send and how fast/slow to send them. You can easily include a short personalised message too. Other functions include sending mass messages, wall posts and pokes. It is unbelievably easy.

Basically I spend a few minutes setting it up. I press the button. I go and do some stuff; I do other internet work, get my lunch or do my shopping. I come back and my Facebook marketing is done for the day.

I'm struggling to find something negative to say but I honestly cannot think of anything. In all this time the friendblasterpro software has functioned flawlessly

Video tutorial :

download link:

serial code: 12F45F7890F23456F

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