Thursday, May 19, 2011

FB Maxed – Facebook is UNLOCKING Their Doors!

FB Maxed – Facebook is UNLOCKING Their Doors! | More Info
FBML is OUT! iFrames are IN!!! Will you be ready?
First, here is what this is NOT:

* This is NOT a far-fetched “Facebook marketing system” touted by gurus…

* This is NOT a set of outdated, sloppy coded, rehashed templates that have been around the block…

* This is NOT a cheap collection of templates leaving you begging for the real deal…

* There are NO UP-SELLS or CROSS-SELLS!!!

* We WON’T hound your email trying to sell you a bunch of related products…

* You WON’T find a more complete template for the NEW iframes capability on Facebook
FACEBOOK 2011 MAXED includes:

A built-in, customizable system for creating your own REVEAL SPLASH page. When a user who has not liked your page yet, they will see this content. There is no way around it like there was previously with FBML. We show you how to include anything you want to for the REVEAL SPLASH, even video and lead capture opt-ins! You won’t be restricted to simply showing an image. Heck, with the FACEBOOK 2011 MAXED system, you can show a full website to users who have not “liked” your page and a completely different website to those who have “liked” your page…

* iFrames Implementation Instructions

* Premium Facebook Pages Templates & Graphics


* Back To Videos (Intro Video)

* Prepare Your iFrames

* Build Your Reveal Frame

* Customize Your iFrame Website

* Upload And Deploy

* Additional Theme Discussion

* HTML5 Video

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