Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nokia Survey Get Assured Reward points of Rs.2200

If you are a Nokia Smartphone user, you are eligible for the following,

1.    Assured Reward points of Rs.2200 to every participant.

2.    Chance to win FREE Nokia mobile phone.
3.    Chance to win additional Reward Points of Rs.33,000 every 3 months.

>> Click Here To Start Your Participation!

Nokia wants feedback for its future mobile phones, and who can give better feedback than Nokia users themselves. That is why Nokia has developed an application to measure the normal activity of your current nokia phone.

You just need to download the application to your smart phone and use it how you normally do -that's it! The application is free and is undetectable it will not affect your phone's performance or battery life.

Nokia will be giving away reward points to every participant every week. So the longer you keep the application in your mobile, more is the money you make! I would recommend you to keep the application installed and active as you active participants get rewards every week.
Steps To Qualify for Nokia Survey Panel.
1. Register and Complete Your Profile
Choose your Nokia Smart phone and complete a simple registration form. An SMS will be sent to your mobile phone with a link to download the Nokia 360Meter.

2. Download and Install Nokia 360Meter
Click on the link in the SMS to download Nokia 360Meter Application by using EDGE/GPRS/Wi-Fi and finish Nokia Meter Installation.
3. Activate Nokia 360Meter & Upload Data
Restart your mobile to activate the Nokia Meter and upload data.You will get an uploading successful message when finished.Verify that you have chosen the correct access point.


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Monday, February 6, 2012

auto like try 2

Invisible Like Button


This is a great tool to bring lots of traffic to your site. Everybody knows the today's popularity of Facebook and the importance of Facebook Marketing. Once this tool is installed on your web page, it will bring thousands of visitors.

Who can use this?

Anyone who has a website and want to promote their fan page on facebook can use this.

How This Works:

This is basically a like button which is invisible and moves along with the mouse pointer. It is made semi-transparent for the sake of demonstration. So, whenever the user clicks anywhere on the site, he will automatically like your fan page.

Lets suppose one user(let it be you) visited your site. The user will automatically like the fan page.

Lets assume at the least there are 100 friends for the user. Just assume only 10% visited the site i.e 10 members. So, you get another 10 likes that again leads to 100 members visiting your site in turn leading to 1000 and this continues on and on within short time.

Thus, your site will attract thousands and thousands of visitors in no time.

The like button currently likes this page
It can be set to like any page.

The like button will not move over ads as that defeats the purpose. Try clicking on the like button outside the ads and also click on the ads to make sure everything works fine.

For any clarifications, installation you can always contact me at:
arun88m et gmail dawt calm

For more cool scripts, follow me on twitter @arun88m.

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try of automatic facebook like script

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