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WSO - How I Made $1,482.56 My Very First Week! ZERO Skills Needed, Amazing Trick!

Note: If Making Money Online Seems Hard Or Impossible To You...

If You're Tired Of Wrecking Your Brains About Making Websites, Afraid Of Losing Money On PPC Or You're Wasting Your Time Writing Articles And Building Backlinks...

If You Need Extra Money TODAY And Not Weeks Or Months Later, Without Having To Learn Any New Skills, Then This Is The WSO You Need...

“How A 21-Year-Old Girl Went From Being Totally Broke, Homeless And Sleeping On People's Couches In The Ghettos Of California To Making $1,482.56 The Very Next Week - Without Even Owning A Computer!”

Hey everyone,

My name is Vicky and today I'm gonna share with you how I managed to get out of one of the worst situations anyone can ever be in.

I was broke, I had no place to live, less than $200 to my name with no income in sight and my computer along with lots of other stuff had just been stolen from me.

I was stuck, devastated… had no idea what I was gonna do. I stayed on random people's couches, was hanging out with homeless kids in San Francisco (heck, even they have iPods nowadays!!! it's unbelievable), and slowly saw my last dollars coming to an end.

It's a scary feeling.

But then something happened that to this day I still think is a big miracle. I met someone who told me about this thing he does whenever he needs some quick extra cash...

Ok ok, now I hear you saying..

Come on! You don't just meet people who tell you these kinds of things!

Well, I did. Pretty handsome guy to be honest

And the most amazing part is that it worked!! And it was so easy.

I tried it right away. I got the girl I was staying with to let me use her computer for a bit and set it all up the way he had told me to.

Within just a few hours I had made my first $200!!!

I couldn't believe it.

Within the next week I made $1,482.56

without doing much of anything!

In a heartbeat, something that seemed like a miracle had changed my whole reality.

Now… I have a good income, I can pay all my bills, I was able to get a new computer, got my own place, don't have to worry about how I’m gonna eat, AND I’ve got to do something I’ve always wanted to do; travel.

And I know that this can do the same thing for you!!

Chances are your situation isn’t near as severe as mine was. You probably do have a computer, food in the fridge and a bed to sleep in.

But there are so many other things you might need to handle – credit card dept, house payments, gas, medical bills, things your kids need...

What if I can show exactly you how to create an extra paycheck on demand in as little as an HOUR?!? What difference would that make in your life?


Originally Posted by Jarrett
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OMG! I can't believe you are giving this away.. especially not at this price.. two words: YOU CRAZY!

lmao. warriors... you would be nuts to pass this up.. this is the real deal...

how do I know? cuz I was there

I saw Vicky literally make close to $1500 in just 7 days online.. She got robbed before she took a wacky trip to Cali... got her laptop stolen and did NOT have a penny to her name. Yet one week later she was living large and buying me lunch. haha

Using this 1 trick she was able to get a ticket to LA, buy a brand new computer, and still have money in the bank..

so yeah if you're looking for a no BS way to finally make some money be sure to check this out..

The e-book rocks.. Simple, straight to the point, and gives you an easy to follow step by step plan to get 'er done.

and just in case ya got any doubts.. let me put it like this.. One of my personal friends (who is actually a big name guru) first introduced this method to me a little while back..

I got all excited like a schoolgirl.. did it the VERY next day and was able to make $1k.. just like that.

this method has SAVED MY ASS a few times.. and if I was to reveal it to people.. it sure as heck wouldn't be for this low of a price..

Cheers Vicky!

you rock.



Originally Posted by Lisa Hayslett

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I used this method and $350 the same day! Simple, doable and fun.

I am definitely adding this to my income stream.

Thanks Fondi!


Originally Posted by Onliner

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I just bought a copy for fun, because i love new things from someone's experience, not just a dry theory. Theory doesn't work mostly.

I've heard a story from Yanik Silver that one guy made big money from his college room online. But I never thought that a young lady can find the way to earn online more than some 100 bucks.

This is exactly what I tried myself but she has gone even further. I don't know more simple and effective system to earn money online, really. Every starter is just leaving money on the table if he doesn't use it to earn 1-2 thousands extra bucks a month to invest them in a new business. I am going to use her tips and tricks for my multiple busineses.

Good job, Vicky.


Originally Posted by eric w
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I can personally vouch for the strategy that fondi talks about because I've used it to make over $6,000 monthly on ebay!

This strategy can be used in all sorts of markets and it's almost guaranteed to make you money.

Very newbie friendly....Good Job fondi

eric w


Originally Posted by JanSimpson
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Hello Vicky & Fellow Warriors,

I actually met Vicky here at the WF and know her story is true. I have the utmost admiration and respect for such an intelligent young woman. For her to leave her home in Germany to travel to Turkey and suffer her losses-I'm sure that most of us would have turned around and gone right back home!

Not Vicky! Off she goes to a totally different country to make her way. What's a girl to do? Well, lucky for us she shares EXACTLY what she did to get her life back.

This story is compelling because it is HER story and she tells it in a clear, concise and amusing way. (Love the graphics) We are there with her. Most importantly, WHAT SHE TEACHES WORKS!!!

If you are reading this post right now you can put this system to work as quickly as you can finish reading her WSO. Seriously, I can't believe how easy, simple, and profitable her system is. You will have an AHA MOMENT as you read and understand the simplicity of her system.

Vicky has indeed left the states and is in Bali. And she is living the "4 Hour Work Week Life" Isn't that what we all really want? A simple, carefree, stress free life helping others and living the life that we want? And Vicky has been kind enough to share her life and her system with us.

My thanks to Vicky, she is a living, breathing example of learning from adversity and becoming a stronger person for it! Please do yourself a favor and buy this WSO now! Then read it. Then implement it. Your account can look like Vicky's next week.

With warm regards,



Originally Posted by Drumbo
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Simply Amazing !!!

Very easy to read pdf and even easier to put into practice...

Well done and keep up the good work



Originally Posted by spy590
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Excellent report Vicky!

Vicky definitely has the eye for this stuff, and the method outlined in this WSO is a total no brainer. It's one of those, "Why didn't I think of this" type of strategies. Great work!


Originally Posted by JimmyWrex
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Hey Fondi,

Great system. I've personally tried a method very similar to this before and got great results. Nice writing style and fun to read.



Originally Posted by drluisbarrios
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This is a smart and very newbie friendly technique and

and not even close to saturation

anybody can do this even if you don´t knnow about marketing sfuff

and even if you are from a third world country

Buy It and don´t procrastinate


Originally Posted by Fenderkid
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She lays out a real plan ANYONE can follow to start making money today. In fact, I've got quite a bit going on right now but I think I'm even going to look at adding this as an additional income stream!

If you need a quick way to make money now this is a great WSO.




Originally Posted by John Baron
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Vicky's story is really an inspiring story that just prove you how great and full of opportunities is the IM world ,

diffidently a good read for any one who is making his first steps in the IM world , it will both inspire you and will give you some cool info and tips to get you going and start making real money in quick amount of time.



Originally Posted by TommyBussey
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Hey Warriors,

So, I got the opportunity to review this e-book written by Vicky. I must say first that it is written quite well. In other words, I actually enjoyed reading it! Her story is not only interesting, but motivating and definitely served as a good refresher for even someone like myself who's been marketing online for awhile. The content was great, too. I definitely see this method being used to make money. Nicely put together, overall good WSO.

- Tommy


Originally Posted by Guy Horton
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My review:

I know you will find this WSO easy to implement but, most important a real eye opener.

The strategy outlined by Vicky in this WSO has been used by Big named marketers for years.

Please pay attention to what I'm about to say...are you ready?

"Sometimes we can't see the forest because of the trees"

As marketers we often complicate the process of making money until we make a important change.

Vicky tells you what you need to change. The real reason this system works is simple, it's actually a plan.

This system provides the details to earn nice paychecks daily.

There are only a few steps to take to put the plan in motion. You will need a computer, about 2/3 hours

and a means to collect your payments to make it work. Yes, paypal works just fine.

If you follow the steps you should have a payday the same day. Now, keep in mind you can do this several

times a day if you have the __________. Can't tell you this it would give it away but,you have it or can acquire it.

Oh, just so you know if you have to acquire it there is not any out of pocket expense.

So now your scratching you head saying what is it I'm going to do to earn this money? This is so simple it difficult

to describe without giving it away. Let's just say your going to bring people together and connect the dots.

My suggestion is purchase this WSO today put it in motion...get paid tomorrow. Yes, it's that easy!

Hope that helps,



Originally Posted by goldenrust
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Here's my review:

This PDF is straight-forward, fun and doable. All it takes is a little communication with your clients. Honestly, I've been in this biz before and I've used this method to get EASY CASH. It's all outsourced and all the steps are so simple your grandma could even do it!

I recommend this method for newbies who haven't earned anything in their IM career. You can make other variations of this method on other websites other than the ones listed in this eBook, but all in all it's SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE.


Originally Posted by bummed.out
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Guys, Vicky has K.I.S.S.'ed with this WSO; she's Kept It Simple, Stupid. For anyone who hasn't stumbled upon this method - for anyone who doesn't or hasn't taken the time to learn SEO, to create sites, to type content or sales letters - this WSO is worth picking up.

I can't tell you what it is (d'uh), but I can tell you that it's very easy to do; in fact, you don't have to do a whole lot. It just needs the internet and a little creativity. Recommended for those who need a quick-to-implement cash method!


Originally Posted by reviews2trust
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Hi Fondi,

I only bought this because like the girl in the computer store you mention, you're cute :-)

However I must admit that it is a great system that anyone can very easily apply, even utter newbies. Not only is it easy but should generate results pretty quickly. Great stuff. Thanks


Originally Posted by PeteB
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What a great little report. You kind of took the edge off of doing this stuff by breaking it down into uber simple steps and taking the self doubt out of the equation... after all, it is like you said, if Brittany Spears can do what she does the rest of us can do this!!!


Originally Posted by kultronik
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Great ebook, love the idea.


Originally Posted by SirBertram
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This is absolutely genius! I know you didn't create this system Fondi, but thank you for sharing it with us! I'm going to put this to work first thing in the morning and I'll let you know how it works out.

I have had a quick look at it and it's definately simple AND doable!


Originally Posted by ehbalily
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Thanks Fondi for an easy to follow technique

Even for a newbie it makes sense

And the best part is, this system involves...

  • no website
  • no list
  • no article writing
  • no backlinks
  • no SEO
  • no PPC
  • no CPA
  • no JVs
  • no facebook
  • no twitter
  • no affiliate stuff
  • no strange upfront investments
  • no contacts
  • no cold-calling
  • no skills
  • no knowledge
Actually, come to think of it…you don't need much of anything to do this…

If you have a computer, an internet connection,

and you know English…

You can do this!

If you do, then you're already much better off than me when I started and I still managed to bank $200 within a few hours of implementing this and made a total of $1,482.56 my very first week!!

This is a screenshot of some recent earnings so you can see that this is still working for me:

It's so simple; you could even do this from your iPhone. I do sometimes, it's fun – (now that I have one, thanks to this system.)

There are no limits. You can make any kind of money you want with this and the best thing is it's simple and fast. You can get paid TODAY.

Whenever I'm in a clinch and I need x mount of dollars TODAY or I just really want to buy something and need some extra spending money.. this is what I do.

And in this course I will teach you exactly how you can do the same thing as well any time.

What would an extra $1,482.56 in your pocket next week do to your life, your family?

If you have any questions, feel free to post here in the thread, send me a PM or email me at - I'll be around to reply as fast as possibly

Keep winning,


If You Want To Catch A Mouse... Make A Sound Like Cheese :)

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