Monday, April 4, 2011

Not Making Any Money Yet ? This Is Why!

Hey guys, AAAROKER here...

As some of you may or may not know, I don't actually make as much money as some of you
Would like to think. I used to make a little over $3000 a month using a few methods from here.
Now, earlier on, I was living at my aunts place, and realized a few things.
I know that sounds retarded because of all of the automated software and webapps out there.
But it is completely true. So down to business here.

This is all learned from my own experience.

Making money online, is actually one of the easiest things you can do, and you are the only one
that can decide how successful you will be.

Get Rid of ALL Distraction

For me, living in an enviroment that was unstable and very negative, I could never work
for the simple fact that I always had to worry about what was going to happen tomorrow
or the next day. You want to make your living enviroment peaceful and vibrant at the same time.
Set your desk up, next to a window, get some fresh air from that and some
good direct sunlight. having shades is also good , just in case the sun is blurring your screen.
Go over to your facebook account, and change your password. then deactivate your account.
for some of you, facebook is a major distraction. I used to go on there, for no reason at all. just typing in "facebook" and then i was sucked into their game
so, get rid of it for now. it will only kill your earnings.
The same goes for myspace or any other social network. or even news sites

Get rid of any attachment that will not allow you to work.
most of you are young, so get this.. life goes on. if you have a girl that won't
stop texting you, or calling, or just simply won't shut up while your working
boot her ass to the curb. or tell her that you simply need to work to get some
good money.
Money isn't everything, but thats how you live, it pays your bills, gets you food, and everything else.
go figure

Putting you mind into WORK mode

So, this is the killer. you need to come to realize, that, making money, in general
is what keeps life going. Think about how , if you don't make any money
you will lose your house, you won't have any food. and because of that, its like a huge avalanche
no gf, living on the street, no vehicle, you will end up a bum, selling your laptops, desktops, cars, whatever, just to get by and get some food in your stomach.
how do i know this ?
well, before i got into IM, i actually left my state when i turned 18, and moved to a state where i didn't know anyone, and lived on the street.

i know.. suprising right ? well, suffice to say, I made it, and it was really nice to get
away from everyone and every thing. I ended up taking a shower at the local YMCA every couple days, and sleeping outside, while it rained, snowed, and even hailed. (FYI - it was winter)
negative degree weather.
not ever knowing where or how i was going to get my next meal. that was horrible.
not having a stable job, trying to cope with myself, and find some sort of heat source to keep my body from going into hypertensive shock from the
cold weather.

So take that as a lesson learned that living on the streets is horrible, and you could
possibly die from it.

Get your ass back online, and FOCUS on work.

also realize that, you may end up doing some work for free for a month, or even 2, but when you finish that up, you will be seeing some good money
don't get me wrong, there are some fast money methods out there.

but think of it like this.. anyone know how long it took SweetFunny to make
Scrapebox ?
well , im sure she banked a small fortune from that, but probably took months to create that program.

So the work is always worth the hassle no matter how you slice the cheese.

Now that you have realize that, get some good, upbeat music going
or maybe just something small, like... have the news play in the background

My mind thinks faster, and more efficiently than most people. So for me.
I had to slow my brain down a little bit.. and you can ask BassTrackerBoats
I have come up with some perfect ideas while I was in my "mode"

I won't say how I did it, for legal reasons.

Just find something that works for you

Quick Summary

You have rid yourself of distraction
You have your brain in your "mode"

Finding a Method that is right for YOU!

This is actually the easiest part.

Ask yourself something... "WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO"

and i mean in general.
you like sex ?
you like to work on car ?
you like to write ?
you like to draw ?
you like pimping your mom out for pennies?

what do you do, in your free time, that you are passionate about.
thats the questions.

I won't go into detail with this, but the answer to that question, is your solution
to getting started on making money online..
lets take this for example.

bob asked himself this, and his answer was
"i like to ride my harley"

yea ? you like to ride your harley, what about this, start a website, about how you like to ride your harley, new experiences, new places traveled,
do a youtube video, mount a camera on your bike and make short clips and place
it on youtube or video sites, backlink to your own site

see where this is going ?

alot of people like the same things you do.. so the traffic is always there

Ending Summary

You have no distractions,

You have your method,
Your at peace,
YOU are Ready to make money online

So stop procrastinating, and get to work. hopefully reading this will help some of you.

Personally, this is what helped me.


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