Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How i ve got $850 from adsense..... Am sharing with you my friends

Hello to all BHW friends……
This is veejayshakthi….. I have got my cheque for $850 from Google AdSense….. I obtain this after one and half year of hard work…….
Am here to share my legal ways about how I achieve that….if you follow the below steps regularly means you too get this cheque one day…..

Step 1:- Making a BlogSpot account

According to my personal experience I prefer blogger for AdSense earning, as AdSense and blogger are same service provided by Google. So regarding the AdSense website Google give little more priority for blogger websites and as we go for blogger the hosting charge will be “$0”. Another important advantage in blogger is, the BlogSpot website will get index by Google without submitting in Google webmaster. So I love blogger.

Step 2:- why BlogSpot

As we go for BlogSpot we get the following advantages

  • Easy to use
  • Easily add the post, images, and videos
  • Easily indexed by Google
  • Get more organic traffic without doing any SEO
  • More customized themes for free of cost to make the site more attractive
  • No technical knowledge is must, everyone can use without any previous experience

Step 3:- Select proper Niche

Selecting the proper niche plays a major role in making the website. Google gives primary importance for the website those share information, it’s not a tough job, and every person has got specialized in any one field. For example a doctor he will be specialized in medical field, for a computer programmer he will be expert in programming, for a mechanic he will be expert in latest cars, for student he will be average in all fields,
This will give two benefits one is via Google AdSense and you will get more information regarding the core field.

Step 4:- How to make a post

Before going to add a post you must come to a conclusion about which post you are going to add. Get enough information about the post. Collect the required images from other websites, if you need instant result means add a YouTube video in between the post. It must under following criteria

  • Article must be 600 words
  • Include 2 to 3 (or more) images
  • Add one YouTube video regarding the content
  • Representing Tags must be as simple as searchable forms.

All the above information is free of cost. As everyone know a free thing values lower than the paid one. It won’t fail in AdSense earning too.
If you buy the domain name like (.com or .net ) and host the blogger with the domain name means the traffic will increase 80% than the blogspot.com

To get more information like how to park the domain with blogger, DNS setting, how to know about which niche will get high cost per click in recent days. Easily add new widgets for live traffic, etc

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